Xarellia the Swift

Age: 68

Origin: Xanara

Occupation: Research Scientist

Ether Bike: Aerial Swordfish

A tall, slender, blue-skinned alien from the aquatic world of Xanara. Xarellia is a master of aerodynamics, having adapted her knowledge of water currents to the air. She has flowing, seaweed-like hair and wears a sleek, silver bodysuit with a cape that mimics the fins of her native underwater creatures. She’s calm, intelligent, and a skilled strategist.

When she’s not racing, Xarellia is a respected scientist, working tirelessly to understand and manipulate air and water currents. Her research is not just theoretical; it has practical applications in her racing as well. Her special skill allows her to transform her vehicle into a more aerodynamic form, dramatically increasing her max speed on long stretches. However, this comes with a loss in steering control, a risk she’s willing to take for the thrill of speed.

In the racing world, Xarellia has formed strong relationships. She’s friends with Qaria “Quicksilver” Bolt and Yanna Starstrider, two racers who share her love for speed and adventure. However, she has a rivalry with Lira Skywhisper and Kaela D’Sol.

Xarellia is not alone in her endeavors. She’s accompanied by her fellow research scientist, Osmos. Together, they push the boundaries of science and speed, making Xarellia not just a racer, but a pioneer in her field.


Early Life

Xarellia was born in the coastal city of Nymphia on the aquatic planet of Xanara. From a young age, she was enchanted by the currents and tides, spending hours floating with the natural rhythm of her world’s oceans. Her family belonged to the intellectual elite, her parents both being prominent scientists specializing in fluid dynamics.

Educational Years

Attending the prestigious Xanara Academy of Sciences in Xanara’s capital, Xarellia devoted herself to studying the dynamics of both air and water currents. Her natural affinity for the subject saw her graduate at the top of her class. It was during this period that she met Osmos, a brilliant mind in materials science. The two struck a friendship that evolved into a professional partnership, aimed at solving some of the most complicated puzzles related to fluid and aerodynamics.

A Change of Course

Xarellia’s life took a dramatic turn when she decided to apply her scientific theories into a real-world application beyond her laboratory. Using the state-of-the-art resources at her disposal, she crafted her own Ether bike, the Aerial Swordfish. She didn’t just build an average racing vehicle; she made sure to incorporate advanced technologies that allowed it to transform its shape for maximum aerodynamics. Combining specialized materials for lightweight yet durable structure, and her knowledge of fluid dynamics, she created an Ether bike like no other.

The breakthrough came when she developed a unique propulsion system, mimicking the natural mechanics of Xanara’s fastest sea creatures. Her Ether bike could not only excel in speed but also adapt its form, much like the aquatic animals of her home planet. This was the birth of a vehicle that was part racer, part science experiment—a machine that could exist both in the water and the air, much like Xarellia herself.

The Ether bike was her ticket into the intergalactic racing circuit, a perfect field to further test her theories under the most extreme conditions. She didn’t enter the scene quietly; she made waves, challenging the traditional notions of what a racer should be.

The Racing World

Upon entering the racing circuit, Xarellia quickly gained a reputation for being a daring yet calculated pilot, merging science with sport in a way never seen before. Her unique ability to manipulate her vehicle’s aerodynamics made her a formidable competitor. This caught the attention of other racers like Qaria “Quicksilver” Bolt and Yanna Starstrider, who grew to admire and befriend her.

However, not everyone was pleased with Xarellia’s disruptive entrance into the racing scene. Lira Skywhisper, a veteran racer, saw her scientific approach as a threat to the “pure” art of racing. This ideological divide led to an intense rivalry between the two, resulting in races that became the stuff of legends, eagerly anticipated across the galaxy.

Goals and Aspirations

Xarellia races not just for the thrill but to push the boundaries of what’s scientifically possible. She believes that understanding the fundamental aspects of speed and maneuverability will have broader applications, possibly in transportation systems or even climate control on her home planet. With Osmos by her side in this academic and adventurous endeavor, Xarellia the Swift is not merely a racer; she is a pioneer in her field, with her eyes set on the finish line both on and off the track.