Osmos is a research scientist from Xanara who is a friend and partner of Xarellia the Swift. He is a bright scientist at the Xanara Academy of Sciences, specializing in materials science. Osmos works alongside Xarellia on various research projects, particularly in the field of aerodynamics.

Osmos is known for his expertise in creating new compounds that are used in the aerospace industry. His contributions to materials science have not only advanced the field but also have practical applications in Ether Bike racing. By developing innovative compounds, Osmos has helped improve the performance and safety of the bikes used in this thrilling sport.

Osmos’s partnership with Xarellia began during their time at the prestigious Xanara Academy of Sciences. It was there that they met and formed a strong friendship based on their shared passion for scientific exploration. As they delved deeper into their respective fields, their friendship evolved into a professional partnership.

Together, Osmos and Xarellia aimed to solve complex puzzles related to fluid and aerodynamics. Their combined expertise in materials science and aerodynamics allowed them to tackle challenging problems and make groundbreaking discoveries. Their collaboration has not only pushed the boundaries of scientific knowledge but has also contributed to the advancement of Xanara’s technological capabilities.