Lira Skywhisper

Age: 24

Origin: Mytheann

Occupation: Graviturgy expert

Ether Bike: Nebula Drifter

Lira Skywhisper is a mysterious and enigmatic character with a secret past that she’s running from. Originally hailing from the distant planet of Mytheann, she’s a master of gravitational manipulation, a skill she uses to her advantage in her races. Her unique racing style involves using her powers to create shortcuts and perform gravity-defying stunts, setting her apart from her competitors.

She is a tall, athletic humanoid with captivating violet eyes and long, midnight blue hair that falls in waves down her back. She wears a sleek, silver bodysuit adorned with intricate, glowing patterns that reflect her home planet’s night sky. Her appearance exudes an air of mystery and determination, hinting at her adventurous spirit and fearless nature.

She often gives cryptic advice that sometimes serves as a source of foreshadowing, hinting at future events. But most of the time, the advice is way too obscure to be taken seriously and she’s ignored for comic relief.

Despite her quiet and thoughtful nature, she has a fierce rivalry with Xarellia the Swift, a relationship that is as complex as it is competitive.

Her Ether bike is the Nebula Drifter.


Lira Skywhisper was born and raised on the distant planet of Mytheann, a world known for its breathtaking night skies and advanced gravitational technology. From a young age, she showed a natural aptitude for manipulating gravity, a rare and highly valued skill on her home planet. However, her life took a tragic turn when a catastrophic event, an asteroid impact triggered by a failed focus gravity manipulation attempt, devastated her home and forced her to flee.

In the aftermath, Lira found herself alone and adrift in the universe. She used her skills to survive, eventually becoming a racer. Her unique racing style, which involves using her gravitational powers to create shortcuts and perform gravity-defying stunts, quickly set her apart from her competitors.

Despite her success, Lira is haunted by her past. She is a thoughtful and introspective character, often lost in her memories. Her cryptic advice often serves as a source of foreshadowing, hinting at future events and adding an element of intrigue to her character.

Lira also harbors a hidden power or ability that she herself is not fully aware of.


She sees the danger of the races as a way to punish herself from her past mistakes, so she found a sport that she could perform without any care for her own safety.