Luna Lumina

Age: 15

Origin: Phobetra

Occupation: Pilot

Ether Bike: Stardust Glide

Luna Lumina, or Moonbeam, as the crowds cheer, is a racer from the moon-based colony of Phobetra. Their people are known for their fair, almost glowing skin and silvery hair, giving them an ethereal, moon-like appearance. Luna’s slender and short physique, alabaster skin, and silver-white hair that floats as if in zero-gravity make her a mesmerizing sight on and off the race tracks.

She has an aloof personality, childlike innocence, and that almost always makes her the last person to get the joke.

Luna’s racing attire is as mesmerizing as she is. She has a short stature, and wears a white, skin-tight suit with silver accents that give the appearance of a starlit night sky. Her boots are equipped with micro-thrusters, aiding her movement during low gravity situations. Luna’s Ether bike is the “Stardust Glide”. Luna’s racing style is smooth and graceful, almost like a dance, making her a fan favorite.

An ethereal racer with radiant alabaster skin, flowing silver-white hair, and luminescent pale blue eyes. She dons a form-fitting white suit, adorned with intricate silver accents, and sleek boots equipped with micro-thrusters.


She once got lost in the Phobetra mines when she was a child and was rescued hours later. This marked her forever and gave her a fear of getting lost. In the racing scene, her personality and flying abilities made her a crowd favorite. She has legions of fans who watch every race she’s on.