Qaria Bolt

Age: 18

Origin: Valendor

Occupation: Musician

Ether Bike: Mercury Flash

Qaria “Quicksilver” Bolt is a cyborg racer hailing from the technologically advanced planet of Valendor. She has a unique connection with her Ether bike, as she has integrated its controls into her own cybernetic body. This allows her to pilot the bike with an unparalleled level of precision and responsiveness.

Qaria “Quicksilver” Bolt earned her nickname after beating every racer in the neighboring city blocks of Valendor, with her bike, the “Mercury Flash”.

In terms of personality, Qaria is friendly and outgoing. She has a thirst for knowledge, particularly about other cultures, and is always eager to exchange racing techniques with others. This openness has helped her form friendships with other racers such as Xarellia the Swift and Yanna Starstrider. She thinks faster than she speaks, and has a tendency to forget the specific words that she means.

Qaria is not alone in her journey. She is accompanied by her cyborg friends Qelshya, Qundar, and Qamamonde, with whom she shares a love of music. Their shared experiences as cyborgs from Valendor have created a strong bond between them.