Sylva Tyris

Age: 20

Origin: Korravan

Occupation: Racer

Ether Bike: Emerald Whisper

Sylva Tyris is a fierce and competitive humanoid alien from the lush, forest-covered planet called Korravan. Her unique ability to camouflage her skin, much like a chameleon, allows her to blend seamlessly with her surroundings. This trait has made her an excellent hunter and tracker on her home planet, and she brings those same skills to the Ether bike racing circuit. She has a serious demeanor and no sense of humor.

Sylva stands at an average height with a slender, athletic build that speaks to her agility and strength. Her skin is smooth, with an otherworldly, iridescent green hue that shifts and shimmers as she moves. Her hair is a deep shade of emerald green and is often worn in a long braid that drapes over her shoulder. Her large, almond-shaped eyes are a captivating shade of gold, and her elongated, pointed ears lend her an elfin appearance.

Sylva’s racing attire consists of a close-fitting, breathable bodysuit made from a flexible, plant-based material native to Korravan. The suit is adorned with intricate, leaf-like patterns that enhance her natural camouflage abilities. She wears lightweight, durable boots designed to provide excellent grip and support during high-speed racing.

On the track, Sylva is known for her daring and unpredictable racing style, using her knowledge of the terrain and her innate camouflage abilities to outmaneuver her opponents. Her Ether bike is named Emerald Whisper.


Early Life

Sylva was found as a child wandering around in the deep of the forests of the Whispering Canopies. She has no memory of anything that happened before she was found. Her adoptive family, including her sister Sunyra, were skilled foragers and hunters, deeply respected within their treetop community. Sylva took to her family’s ways effortlessly, displaying a natural talent for tracking and a deep understanding of her home planet’s flora and fauna.

Discovery of Abilities

As she grew older, Sylva discovered her unique ability to camouflage her skin, much like the Chameleaf plants native to Korravan. This skill made her one of the most adept hunters in her village, capable of stalking even the most elusive prey without detection. However, despite her successes, she yearned for more—a challenge, a purpose beyond what her isolated world could offer.

A New Horizon

Her life changed forever when she encountered a group of interstellar racers who had come to Korravan for an underground race. Intrigued by their advanced Ether bike|Ether bikes and their tales of high-speed competitions across the galaxy, Sylva saw an opportunity to put her skills to a different test and find her origins. Using salvaged parts from off-world trading posts and some intuitive adaptations based on Korravan’s natural designs, she built her Ether bike, the “Emerald Whisper.”

Entering the Racing Circuit

Armed with her newly-built Ether bike and a burning desire to prove herself, Sylva entered the racing circuit. Her unique blend of stealth, environmental awareness, and agility made her an instant standout in a field dominated by power and speed. She quickly formed friendships with other racers who respected her skill and fearless style. Her racing attire, woven from Korravan’s plant-based materials and adorned with intricate leaf patterns, serves as a tribute to her roots while amplifying her natural abilities.

Rivalries and Alliances

Although admired by many, Sylva has her fair share of rivals, including those who see her natural skills as an unfair advantage. Yet, she remains undeterred, committed to rising through the ranks and taking on the galaxy’s most dangerous tracks, from Veltora’s molten pathways to the high-altitude lanes of Xanara.

Future Aspirations

Sylva races not just for the thrill, but also to bring honor to her planet and her people. She has become something of a galactic ambassador for Korravan, negotiating fair trade deals for rare materials and advocating for the planet’s conservation. Yet at the heart of it all, her main motivation involves learning about her past, since her mysterious origin marks her as an outsider wherever she goes.