Yanna Starstrider

Age: 23

Origin: Oryxxon

Occupation: Singer

Ether Bike: Phoenix Flare

Yanna Starstrider is a graceful pilot hailing from the airy, cloud-covered planet of Oryxxon. She belongs to a race with bird-like features, which is evident in her feathered wings and a crest of feathers on her head. Her feathers are a vibrant mix of bright orange and soft white, which is complemented by her outfit – a white bodysuit with gold and orange accents.

Her Ether bike is named Phoenix Flare.

Yanna is known for her kind-hearted and optimistic nature. She firmly believes in the spirit of competition and sees it as a means to bring the galaxy together in friendship. This belief is reflected in her relationships with other racers. She shares a friendly bond with Luna Lumina, Xarellia the Swift, and Qaria “Quicksilver” Bolt.

In her personal life, Yanna is accompanied by her best friend Luna Lumina and her brother, Yanna’s childhood crush, Daerys Lumina. She also is an accomplished musician singing and playing an instrument called “Windsock”. She has gathered a large following on Oryxxon and plays concerts for them when not racing. Her fans are called “Striders”.

Overall, Yanna Starstrider is a character who embodies grace, optimism, and a strong belief in the power of friendship and competition.