Rhea Vex

Age: 26

Origin: Outland Belt

Occupation: Space Pirate

Ether Bike: Scarlet Shadow

Captain Rhea Vex is a notorious space pirate, member of the Bloodstone Scourge, who hails from a distant asteroid colony known as Outland Belt, a place infamous for its lawlessness and home to many criminals, outcasts, and renegades.

From a young age, Rhea demonstrated a keen intelligence and a talent for strategy, which she used to rise through the ranks of the pirate underworld. Over time, she gathered a loyal crew and established herself as one of the most feared and respected pirate captains in the galaxy. Her flagship, the “Crimson Marauder,” is a heavily modified Star Cruiser with advanced Stealth technology, allowing her to strike swiftly and escape before her enemies know what hit them.

Her piracy career

Based on your notes, Rhea Vex was born and raised in the Outland Belt, a notorious asteroid colony known for its lawlessness and home to many criminals, outcasts, and renegades. This harsh environment shaped her into a cunning and resourceful individual from a young age. Her keen intelligence and talent for strategy were evident early on, and she quickly learned to use these traits to survive and thrive in her surroundings.

Rhea’s introduction to the pirate world was likely through the various criminals and outcasts that populated the Outland Belt. She may have started as a small-time thief or smuggler, using her wits and agility to outmaneuver the law and rival criminals. Her reputation grew with each successful heist, and she began to attract the attention of the more established pirate crews.

Recognizing her potential, one of the pirate captains may have taken her under his wing, teaching her the ropes of the pirate trade. Rhea would have learned how to command a crew, navigate the treacherous space lanes, and strike fear into the hearts of her enemies. However, her ambition would not allow her to remain a mere crew member for long.

Using her cunning and strategic mind, Rhea orchestrated a mutiny, seizing control of the pirate ship from her former mentor. With her own crew now loyal to her, she began her ascent to the top of the pirate underworld. She led her crew on daring raids and heists, each one more audacious than the last, earning her the respect and fear of her peers.

Over time, Rhea established herself as one of the most feared and respected pirate captains in the galaxy, commanding her flagship, the “Crimson Marauder,” with an iron fist. Her reputation as a cunning and ruthless leader only grew with each successful conquest, solidifying her place in the annals of pirate history.

Her entrance into racing

Rhea Vex has entered the Ether bike racing scene for several reasons. First, she sees it as an opportunity to prove her dominance, not only as a fearsome pirate but also as a skilled pilot. Second, she believes that the races could be a potential goldmine, providing her with opportunities to expand her influence, make powerful connections, and seize valuable prizes. Lastly, she simply enjoys the thrill of the race, the adrenaline rush that comes with pushing herself and her machine to the limit in high-stakes competition.

As a racer, Rhea Vex is aggressive and ruthless, unafraid to use her cunning and underhanded tactics to gain an advantage over her opponents. Her Ether bike, is the “Scarlet Shadow”. Rhea’s notoriety and flashy racing style have quickly gained her a substantial following, making her one of the most polarizing figures in the racing circuit.

On one of her raids as a pirate, she adopted the dragon Falthor and took him as her pet.

The debt to the Bloodstone Scourge

Based on your notes, Rhea Vex, a notorious space pirate, found herself indebted to the Bloodstone Scourge due to a series of unfortunate events. As a pirate captain, Rhea was known for her daring raids and heists, but one particular operation didn’t go as planned.

Rhea and her crew targeted a heavily fortified convoy believed to be carrying a vast amount of Zellenite, a highly valuable resource. However, the convoy was a trap set by the Bloodstone Scourge. In the ensuing battle, Rhea’s crew was decimated, and she was captured by the Scourge.

The Bloodstone Scourge, recognizing Rhea’s skills and reputation, offered her a deal. They would spare her life and provide her with the resources to rebuild her crew in exchange for her services. With no other choice, Rhea agreed, thus becoming indebted to the Scourge.

Over time, Rhea found herself increasingly entangled in the Scourge’s operations. She was forced to carry out missions for them, often against her will. The Scourge’s influence over her grew, and they began to control her actions and decisions.

Rhea’s crew, once loyal to her, began to question her allegiance. They saw her as a puppet of the Scourge, and many of them left, unwilling to serve under the Scourge’s rule. This left Rhea alone, with her destiny in the hands of the Scourge.

Despite her situation, Rhea never lost her spirit. She continued to look for ways to free herself from the Scourge’s control. Her entry into the Ether bike racing scene was part of this plan. She hoped that by winning the tournament, she could gain enough influence and resources to pay off her debt and break free from the Scourge. However, her plans were complicated when she was forced to reveal her allegiance to the Scourge to her fellow racers.