Kaela D’Sol

Age: 21

Origin: Solarae

Occupation: Spiritual counselor

Ether Bike: Celestial Serenade

Kaela D’Sol is a mysterious and charismatic racer from the planet Solarae, a world rich in history, culture, and ancient traditions. Solarae is known for its ornate architecture, beautiful landscapes, and a society that values art, spirituality, and the pursuit of wisdom. Kaela’s enigmatic nature and air of mystique make her an intriguing figure on the racing circuit.

Kaela’s racing style is both calculated and fluid, as she effortlessly weaves through the competition with grace and precision. Her Ether bike is named “Celestial Serenade“.

She can often be seen meditating, reading ancient texts, and offering spiritual wisdom in the form of cryptic advice and old sayings.


Kaela D’Sol was born and raised on the planet Solarae, a world known for its rich history, culture, and ancient traditions. Her father, Korgu, was a respected scholar and historian, and he instilled in Kaela a deep appreciation for their planet’s heritage and wisdom. Kaela’s mother was a renowned artist who taught her the beauty of expression and creativity. Kaela can be seen meditating from time to time, reflecting on the wisdom imparted by the old texts.

Growing up, Kaela was fascinated by the ancient tales of her people, especially the ones about the races that took place on the planet. These stories sparked a passion for racing in her heart. However, Solarae was a peaceful planet, and racing was considered a dangerous and reckless pursuit. Despite this, Kaela couldn’t resist the allure of speed and the thrill of competition.

Kaela’s life took a dramatic turn when she discovered an ancient Ether bike hidden in her father’s study. The bike, named “Celestial Serenade“, was a relic from the races of old. With her father’s reluctant blessing, Kaela began to train in secret, honing her skills and learning to control the bike’s unique ability to teleport a short distance.

Kaela’s talent for racing quickly became apparent. She had a natural affinity for the Ether bike and her ability to weave through obstacles with grace and precision was unmatched. However, her use of the bike’s teleportation ability was unconventional. Instead of using it to dodge obstacles, Kaela used it to jump ahead on the track. This strategy was risky, as it left her vulnerable afterward, but it often gave her the edge she needed to win.

Kaela’s success in local races caught the attention of Lira Skywhisper and Luna Lumina, other two young racers making their way through the ranks.

Despite her success, Kaela’s racing career has not been without its challenges. She has made several rivals, including Cix Volaris, who view her unconventional racing style as a threat. Kaela also struggles with balancing her love for racing with her commitment to her partner Yeralia, and her responsibility to her home planet.

However, Kaela remains undeterred. She is determined to honor the legacy of her people and prove that the wisdom of Solarae can guide her to victory. With the “Celestial Serenade” at her side and the stars as her guide, Kaela D’Sol is ready to carve her name in the annals of interstellar racing.