Cix Volaris

Age: 24

Origin: Ellyndor

Occupation: Mining technician

Ether Bike: Iron Fury

Cix Volaris is a tough, no-nonsense pilot hailing from the rugged, rocky planet of Ellyndor. Her home world is known for its treacherous terrain and extreme weather conditions, which have shaped her into a fearless and resourceful racer.

Cix’s skin is a bronze hue, contrasting with her short, spiky, silver hair. Her intense, steel-gray eyes convey her steely determination and unwavering focus. Her face is decorated with tribal tattoos that represent her home planet’s culture and her personal achievements as a pilot.

Her racing attire is a blend of practicality and style, consisting of a weathered, sleeveless leather vest that reveals her cybernetic arm and a pair of form-fitting, reinforced pants. She wears heavy-duty boots with a metallic finish, matching the aesthetic of her cybernetic arm. Around her neck, Cix dons a pendant with a stone from her home planet, serving as a reminder of her roots and a symbol of her resilience.

Cix’s racing style is aggressive and relentless, reflecting her preference for rough terrain and her determination to conquer any challenge. Her Ether bike is named “Iron Fury”.


Early Life

Born into a mining community on the rugged, perilous planet of Ellyndor, Cix Volaris learned early that life owed her nothing. Extreme weather patterns, volatile landscapes, and treacherous terrain were everyday challenges she faced alongside her family. Her father was a skilled mechanic, her mother a proficient pilot; from them, she inherited her resilience and aptitude for machinery.

The Accident

When Cix was 16, a mining accident claimed her left arm and nearly her life. However, the incident only fueled her determination. Her father, using his mechanical skills, built her a cybernetic arm, a sophisticated piece of technology that not only replaced her lost limb but enhanced her physical capabilities. It was this ordeal that left her with the philosophy, “In the face of adversity, I accelerate.”. Later in life, she found out that the accident was the fault of the Bloodstone Scourge.

The Call of the Race

Always a daredevil, Cix spent her teenage years racing through Ellyndor‘s dangerous landscapes on makeshift bikes. But it was her first encounter with an Ether bike—a gift from her older brother Rex Volaris—that opened her eyes to the possibilities beyond her home planet. With Rex‘s encouragement, Cix modified the Ether bike, naming it “Iron Fury” in homage to her indomitable spirit.

Entering the Galactic Circuit

Fully equipped and raring to go, Cix entered the galactic racing scene. Her aggressive and relentless racing style was a natural fit, turning heads and garnering both awe and enmity. She became fast friends with Nix “ZigZag” Zephyr, a racer whose daredevil antics matched her own. But she also found a formidable rival in Sylva Tyris, whose camouflage and stealth presented an interesting challenge to Cix’s straightforward approach.

Tribal Tattoos and Talismans

To mark her achievements and to honor her home world, Cix got tribal tattoos etched onto her face, each one symbolizing a different milestone or aspect of her Ellyndorians heritage. The pendant she wears, made from a stone native to Ellyndor, serves as a constant reminder of her roots and her family’s ongoing struggle to survive in their harsh environment.

The Journey Ahead

Cix races for the adrenaline, the challenge, and the chance to test her mettle against the best in the galaxy. But she also races for Ellyndor, hoping to put her planet on the map as a force to be reckoned with. She dreams of one day using her winnings to improve the harsh living conditions on her home planet.

As she takes on increasingly dangerous tracks and formidable opponents, Cix remains undaunted. Her special pulse attack skill has become a game-changer, making her a feared competitor. With her older brother Rex by her side as her chief mechanic and confidant, Cix Volaris is more than just a racer; she’s a symbol of tenacity, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of Ellyndor.