Raziya Kael

Age: 18

Origin: Veltora

Occupation: Pilot

Ether Bike: Magma Surge

Raziya “Redbolt” Kael is an aggressive and hot-headed pilot hailing from the volcanic planet Veltora. She is easily recognizable by her fiery red hair and smoldering gaze. Her outfit, a black, tight-fitting suit adorned with red patterns, reflects her fiery personality and origins.

She is so used to the hot climate of her home planet that she often complains about the cold even in the nicest of weathers on other locations.

Raziya is known for her competitive spirit, constantly challenging Blu Zaremi to prove who is the fastest among them.

In terms of family, Raziya is accompanied by her mother, Deymora Kael, and her grandmother, Lelelulu Kael. Both are very strict and defined her aggresive personality. Her father Buntaku was killed by the Cardinal Shadows when she was a child.


Early Life on Veltora

Raziya Kael was born on Veltora, a planet that is anything but forgiving. It’s a world of magma seas, volcanic eruptions, and constant seismic activity. Her people has learned to thrive in these hazardous conditions.

Her father Buntaku was killed in a territory dispute by Titan Vortex, one of the members of the Cardinal Shadows when she was little. So from a young age, Raziya was introduced to the demanding lifestyle by her mother Deymora Kael and her grandmother Lelelulu Kael, who themselves are embodiments of the fiery and tenacious spirit that Veltorians are known for.

The Fiery Lineage

Raised in a matriarchal family, Raziya was brought up with strict discipline. Both Deymora and Lelelulu were seasoned pilots of their time, known for their aggressive racing tactics. They saw the same spark in young Raziya and nurtured it, albeit sternly. This upbringing shaped her competitive and fiery nature, making her the hot-headed pilot she is today.

From Lava Tracks to Ether bikes

Raziya started her racing career in local lava tracks—a dangerous sport unique to Veltora where racers navigate through volatile lava flows. It wasn’t long before her talents were noticed, and she was given the chance to compete in the galactic Ether bike races. After some studying of the best racers in the galaxy, she built her own Ether bike, the “Magma Surge” and started racing in the local circuits, quickly making a name for herself.

Transitioning from magma to the ether, Raziya earned her nickname “Redbolt” for her blazing speed and aggressive maneuvers.

Racing for Legacy and Family

Although she doesn’t mention it, Raziya has a dark desire. While she handles herself well in front of everyone, her soul has a sore spot that won’t heal until she has revenge against the man that killed her father, Titan Vortex. She knows it’s a pipe dream, but the thirst for vengeance in her mind is a constant weight she has to hide from the others.

As she revs her Ether bike at the starting line, her thoughts briefly drift to her volcanic home, her strict yet loving family, and the sea of challenges that lie ahead. But she knows that whether it’s on Veltora’s lava tracks or the galaxy’s Ether bike circuits, she is, and always will be, the storm that disrupts the calm.