Blu Zaremi

Age: 19

Origin: Kaaru

Occupation: Princess

Ether Bike: Azure Comet

The main character of the game is Blu Zaremi, a Kaarian. She is bold and adventurous. She is the princess of Kaaru, but rebels against her parents and goes out to race in dangerous locations.

Blu was born as the only child of King Zarek and Queen Lysara, the reigning monarchs of Kaaru. From a young age, she was groomed to be the perfect princess, educated in diplomacy, governance, and Kaarian traditions. Blu was raised within the confines of the royal palace atop The Silver Giant, where she enjoyed the comforts and luxuries of her privileged upbringing. Yet, she always yearned for something more than the structured life her parents had planned for her.

As a child, Blu was fascinated by stories of Ether bike racers and their daring adventures, admiring their courage and sense of freedom. She secretly followed the races, idolizing the pilots and dreaming of one day joining their ranks. In her early teens, Blu stumbled upon an abandoned Ether bike in a forgotten corner of the palace. With the help of her trusted droid companion, Rix, and her childhood friend Qual, she slowly restored the vehicle to working condition, teaching herself how to pilot it in the process. She called the new bike “Azure Comet”.

Unable to resist the call of the races any longer, Blu decided to leave the palace and pursue her dreams.

Her first taste of racing came when she entered a local, underground Ether bike race. Despite her lack of experience, Blu’s natural talent and determination quickly earned her a reputation on the racing circuit. With each race, she grew more confident and skilled, eventually becoming one of the most formidable pilots in the galaxy.

Blu’s parents eventually became aware of her racing career and her departure from the palace. Although they disapproved of her choices, they respected her determination and desire to forge her own path. Instead of trying to force her back to her royal duties, they chose to support her from a distance, watching her progress with a mix of pride and concern.

As her racing career progressed, Blu found herself increasingly exposed to the broader galaxy, revealing the struggles and injustices faced by many of its inhabitants. When the Bloodstone Scourge began targeting Kaaru, Blu recognized an opportunity to protect her home and put her skills to use. Racing became not only a pursuit of personal freedom but also a means to forge alliances that could help her people in their struggle against the Bloodstone Scourge.

As Blu Zaremi, the princess, she is determined to make a difference in the galaxy, proving that even a princess can break free from tradition and make her mark on the universe. Through her daring exploits and newfound friendships, Blu seeks to not only excel in the racing world but also find ways to aid her planet and its people against the looming threat of the Bloodstone Scourge.

The reasons for her rebellion

Blu is rebelling against the predetermined path and expectations set for her due to her royal lineage. She yearns for freedom, adventure, and the ability to make her own choices, which is why she is drawn to the world of Ether bike racing. Despite her royal upbringing, she is not content with a life of luxury and privilege within the confines of the palace. She seeks excitement, challenge, and the opportunity to make a difference in the galaxy.

Blu’s rebellion can be seen as a response to the restrictive nature of her royal duties and the expectations of her to conform to traditional roles. She is not rebelling against her parents per se, but rather the societal norms and traditions that confine her to a life she does not desire. Her parents, King Zarek and Queen Lysara, while initially disapproving of her choices, come to respect her determination and desire to forge her own path.

Furthermore, Blu’s rebellion is also fueled by her exposure to the broader galaxy and the struggles and injustices faced by many of its inhabitants. She recognizes an opportunity to use her racing skills to forge alliances and help her people in their struggle against the Bloodstone Scourge. Thus, her rebellion is not just a pursuit of personal freedom, but also a means to effect change and fight against the threats facing her home planet of Kaaru.