Kaaru, a desert planet located in the Inner Core of the galaxy, is known for its advanced technology that flourishes despite the harsh environmental conditions. The planet is largely covered by expansive dunes and rocky outcroppings, with occasional oases that serve as vital sources of water and sustenance. The striking contrast between the arid landscape and the sophisticated technology gives Kaaru a unique aesthetic that draws in visitors from across the galaxy.


As a desert planet located in the Inner Core of the galaxy, Kaaru was not always the technological marvel it is today. In its early history, Kaaru was a barren and inhospitable world, with its inhabitants struggling to survive in the harsh desert conditions. However, the discovery of the rare, crystalline mineral Zellenite deep within the planet’s core marked a turning point in Kaaru’s history. The Kaarians, known for their resilience and ingenuity, harnessed the energy of Zellenite to power their technology and transform their society.

The Silver Giant

The heart of Kaaru’s civilization is the mountain-city called “The Silver Giant“. Carved into and built upon a massive, silver-hued mountain, the city is an architectural marvel that blends seamlessly with the natural landscape. The city is structured in tiers, with each level ascending toward the peak, where the royal palace and the most prominent institutions are located. The intricate network of walkways, bridges, and elevators connects the different levels, creating a bustling, vertical metropolis.


Kaaru’s society is marked by its dependence on droids and advanced technology. Droid assistants, ranging from small, multi-limbed maintenance bots to human-sized companions, facilitate daily life for the inhabitants. These droids not only perform laborious tasks but also serve as trusted companions and friends. Kaaru’s advanced technology is powered by a rare, crystalline mineral called “Zellenite,” which is found deep within the planet’s core. This resource is not only a source of energy but also a critical component in many of their technological creations, and a major export to multiple neighboring planets.


The people of Kaaru, known as Kaarians, are mostly peaceful and value knowledge, innovation, and cooperation. However, recent times have seen the rise of a new enemy that threatens their harmonious way of life. A mysterious faction known as the “Bloodstone Scourge” has been conducting raids on the outskirts of The Silver Giant, pillaging Zellenite reserves and sabotaging critical infrastructure.


The Kaarian government, headed by Queen Lysara and her companion King Zarek, has responded to the threat by bolstering its defenses, deploying Skyrazor mecha units to patrol the city’s perimeter and investing in new security technologies. The situation has also given rise to a new generation of bounty hunters and vigilantes who seek to protect their home and rid their planet of the Bloodstone Scourge.