The Silver Giant

A gigantic structure that acts as the capital and government of Kaaru. Multiple smaller cities and towns are built around it on the desert planet.

The heart of Kaaru‘s civilization is the mountain-city called “The Silver Giant.” Carved into and built upon a massive, silver-hued mountain, the city is an architectural marvel that blends seamlessly with the natural landscape. The city is structured in tiers, with each level ascending toward the peak, where the royal palace and the most prominent institutions are located. The intricate network of walkways, bridges, and elevators connects the different levels, creating a bustling, vertical metropolis.

Geography and Architecture:

  • The Silver Labyrinth“: A complex network of underground tunnels connects different sectors of the city. Known for its intricate design and maze-like structure, this subterranean area serves as both a rapid transit system and a secure storage for Zellenite reserves.
  • Astral Heights“: The area closest to the peak of the mountain is a luxury district, accessible only to the most affluent citizens and visiting dignitaries. It’s said that from the highest balconies, you can almost touch the sky.
  • The Foundry“: This is the industrial zone, located at the lowest tiers of the city, where most of the planet’s technological marvels are crafted. It is also where the droids are manufactured and maintained.

Society and Culture:

  • Council of Innovators“: A group of the brightest minds in The Silver Giant, dedicated to researching new technologies and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Zellenite.
  • Moonshadow Festival“: An annual event where holographic art installations are displayed throughout the city, casting ethereal lights that mimic the galaxy’s celestial bodies.
  • The Pinnacle Arena“: A large, multi-purpose stadium at a higher tier in the city. It hosts various events, from sports like droid fighting to high-stakes competitions between hunters.


  • ZelMarket“: A bustling marketplace where traders from across the galaxy come to buy, sell, or barter for Zellenite and other exotic goods.
  • Skyline Enterprises“: The leading corporation focused on exporting advanced technology and Zellenite-powered gadgets to other planets. Their operations move between Kaaru and the moon colony Phobetra. Considered by many as the economic backbone of The Silver Giant.

Security and Defense:

  • Kaaru Royal Army: The defense forces of Kaaru.
  • Guardians of the Peak“: An elite group of highly-trained soldiers sworn to protect the royal palace and the Council of Innovators.
  • Sentinel Towers“: A series of high-tech watchtowers equipped with laser defense systems and drone bays, guarding the city against intruders like the Bloodstone Scourge.