Guardians of the Peak

The Guardians of the Peak are a prestigious and autonomous military group dedicated to the protection of the Kaaru royal palace and the Council of Innovators. They are not just soldiers, but elite protectors who have undergone rigorous training in advanced combat techniques, stealth, and survival skills.

Their independence from the Kaaru Royal Army suggests a unique status within the kingdom’s military structure, even answering directly to the royal family and the Council of Innovators. This autonomy allows them to focus solely on their mission without being entangled in the broader military operations or politics.

Their primary duty station, the The Silver Giant, is renowned for its high-tech security and defense systems, indicating that the Guardians are not only physically formidable but also technologically adept. This location serves as both their headquarters and training ground, where they hone their skills and prepare for any potential threats.

One such threat is the Bloodstone Scourge, a danger so significant that it is specifically mentioned in their training. This suggests that the Guardians are the kingdom’s first line of defense against this menace, further emphasizing their importance and the trust placed in them by the kingdom.

One of the most important members of the Guardians of the peak is Lellon, tasked with escorting Blu Zaremi for most of her childhood and close friends with Queen Lysara and King Zarek.

In summary, the Guardians of the Peak are a highly respected and vital part of the Kaaru kingdom, embodying the pinnacle of military skill, dedication, and honor.