Kaaru Royal Army

The Kaaru Royal Army is the defensive branch of the Kaaru government. This organization heavily relies on the use of Skyrazor mecha, indicating a high level of technological advancement and strategic warfare capabilities. Notable members include Qual, who is the childhood friend of princess Blu Zaremi. The Kaaru Royal Army is distinct from the Guardians of the Peak, an elite group of soldiers tasked with protecting the Kaaru royal palace and the Council of Innovators.


These are the different divisions acting on the defense of Kaaru.

  1. Air Force: This branch is responsible for operating atmospheric and space short-range crafts. They are likely equipped with advanced technology and are trained in aerial combat and defense.
  2. Skyrazor: This branch consists of mecha units, specifically the Skyrazor mecha. These mecha units are a crucial part of the Kaaru Royal Army’s defensive capabilities and indicate a high level of technological advancement and strategic warfare capabilities.
  3. Infantry Division: This branch is responsible for ground combat operations. They are equipped with a variety of weapons, including rifles, grenades, and other small arms. The Infantry Division undergoes rigorous training in tactics, marksmanship, and close-quarters combat.
  4. Special Operations Forces: This elite branch specializes in covert operations, counter-terrorism, and unconventional warfare. They are highly trained in stealth, sabotage, intelligence gathering, and hostage rescue. Special Operations Forces often work in small teams and are equipped with advanced weaponry and technology.
  5. Engineering Corps: This branch focuses on construction, fortification, and infrastructure development. They are responsible for building and maintaining military bases, roads, bridges, and other essential structures. The Engineering Corps also provides support during combat operations by constructing defensive positions and clearing obstacles.
  6. Medical Corps: This branch is responsible for providing medical support and care to the soldiers. They have skilled doctors, nurses, and medics who are trained in battlefield medicine, trauma care, and emergency surgery. The Medical Corps plays a vital role in ensuring the health and well-being of the troops.
  7. Intelligence Division: This branch specializes in gathering and analyzing information to support military operations. They conduct surveillance, intercept communications, and gather intelligence on enemy forces. The Intelligence Division provides critical information to commanders, helping them make informed decisions and develop effective strategies.

These additional branches further enhance the capabilities of the Kaaru Royal Army, ensuring they have a well-rounded and versatile force capable of handling a wide range of military operations.