A moon colony of the planet Kaaru. Phobetrans are known for their fair, almost glowing skin and silvery hair, giving them an ethereal, moon-like appearance.


Phobetra serves as the forward outpost and scientific colony of the planet Kaaru. Known for its unique orbital mechanics that cause erratic eclipses, this moon has become a center for advanced astronomical research, resource mining, and as a waystation for travelers headed to the far reaches of the galaxy.

Colony Founding

Established nearly four centuries ago, Phobetra was initially a mining outpost exploiting the moon’s rich mineral deposits. It gradually expanded into a self-sufficient colony as scientists and explorers recognized its strategic importance and unique astronomical phenomena.

Living Conditions

The colony is encased in bio-domes that regulate temperature, pressure, and oxygen levels, mimicking the conditions on Kaaru as closely as possible. However, with its own agricultural hubs and water recycling facilities, Phobetra aims for self-sufficiency.

The Ecliptic Observatory

One of Phobetra’s most notable facilities is the Ecliptic Observatory, designed to study the moon’s unique eclipsing phenomena and other celestial bodies.

Phobetra Mining Consortium

The moon is rich in rare minerals not found on Kaaru, leading to the establishment of the Phobetra Mining Consortium. The consortium holds a monopoly over mining operations and exports these valuable materials back to Kaaru and other interstellar markets.

Energy Source: The Gravitational Dynamo

Harnessing the fluctuating gravitational forces between Kaaru and Phobetra, the colony has developed an innovative “Gravitational Dynamo” that serves as a sustainable energy source. It’s a piece of engineering marvel that’s now being studied for replication on other moons and planets.

Cultural Hub: “The Moonlit Bazaar

The Moonlit Bazaar is a commercial and cultural hub within Phobetra, offering goods from across the galaxy. Due to the moon’s position as a waystation, the bazaar has a wide variety of items and is often the first to get its hands on rare and exotic goods.

Ethical Debates: Native Fauna

The discovery of unique microorganisms and possibly larger underground life forms has sparked ethical debates around mining and colonization activities. There are movements urging for a more ecological approach and protection laws for native life forms, much like the ones on Kaaru.

Sports and Recreation: “Low-G Leagues”

Given Phobetra’s lower gravitational force, unique sports leagues have developed that take advantage of the “low-G” conditions. These sports have become popular viewing even on Kaaru, with seasonal championships being a major event.

Defense Capabilities

With its strategic importance and valuable resources, Phobetra is also home to a formidable defense station, equipped with advanced missile systems and a small fleet of Skyrazor units, ensuring the colony’s safety and its continued prosperity.

By mixing elements of scientific research, commerce, and cultural exchange, Phobetra stands as a testament to interstellar ingenuity and the indomitable spirit of exploration.