Nix Zephyr

Age: 17

Origin: Nakrozel

Occupation: Caretaker

Ether Bike: Gravity Jolt

Nix Zephyr, commonly known as ZigZag due to her unpredictable and zigzagging racing style, is a daring racer from the high-gravity planet Nakrozel. Her race is known for their strong, compact physiques, and Nix is no exception. With her short stature, dark skin with a natural metallic sheen, and bright neon-blue hair styled into a mohawk, she is quite an eye-catching figure. Nix’s attire is practical and bold. She wears a black-and-blue jumpsuit, built with high-density materials to withstand Nakrozel’s heavy gravity. Her boots are designed with special gravity manipulators that help her move as if she were in a standard gravity environment. Nix’s Ether bike is the “Gravity Jolt“.


Nix “ZigZag” Zephyr was born and raised in the vibrant city of Nezyrion on the high-gravity planet of Nakrozel. Coming from a family of racing enthusiasts, Nix inherited a deep passion for speed and competition.

From a young age, Nix displayed an exceptional talent for racing. Her lightning-fast reflexes and sharp instincts made her a formidable contender on the tracks. With her compact physique and intense determination, she quickly gained recognition as one of the rising stars in the galactic racing scene.

Nix’s love for her younger siblings, Umon and Ellea, fueled her drive to succeed. She dedicated herself to her racing career, aiming to provide a better future for her family. Nix’s unwavering support for her siblings became a source of inspiration for her, pushing her to push the boundaries of her abilities.

Known for her unpredictable racing style, Nix earned the nickname “ZigZag.” Her ability to swiftly change directions and navigate through obstacles with finesse became her trademark. Spectators were captivated by her daring maneuvers and audacious overtakes.

Off the track, Nix is known for her warm and approachable personality. She values camaraderie and sportsmanship, often forming strong bonds with fellow racers. Nix also dedicates her time to charitable causes, using her platform to support underprivileged communities across the galaxy.

As Nix continues to compete in races across different planets, her ultimate goal is to become the champion of the Galactic Racing Championship, to be able to better help those who need it more. With each victory, she moves closer to realizing her dreams while inspiring aspiring racers to chase their own.