Umon Zephyr

Younger brother of Nix “ZigZag” Zephyr.

Age: 13 years old

Appearance: Umon shares his sister’s jet-black skin with a metallic sheen but has neon-green hair, which he keeps short and untidy. He’s taller than Nix but still possesses the compact, muscular physique characteristic of Nakrozellians.

Personality: Umon is intelligent, tech-savvy, and has a natural inclination towards engineering. Unlike his sister, he prefers strategy over speed and is more introspective. He’s a quiet observer, often seen with a gadget or a book.

Backstory: Umon always looked up to his sister, Nix but he found his calling in the world of mechanics and engineering rather than racing. He’s the brain behind many of the modifications to Nix‘s Ether bike, “Gravity Jolt.” Umon is currently an apprentice under Zolli, the mechanical genius whom Nix worships.

His sisters are Nix “ZigZag” Zephyr and Ellea.