Rocky planet, home of Cix Volaris. In their language, Ellyndor means “Gritara”, a nod to their peoples’ determination and rock hard personalities. The planet is home to several mining facilities that have carved vast networks of tunnels over the course of millenia.

Geography and Environment

Ellyndor is a harsh, rocky world with towering cliffs and massive canyons. The surface is littered with various types of minerals and precious gemstones that give the planet a sparkling appearance when viewed from space. Despite its hard exterior, the planet is also home to subterranean water systems that sustain hardy flora and fauna adapted to the underground environment.


  1. The Crystal Cliffs: These towering cliffs are covered in a variety of precious gemstones that sparkle in the sunlight, making them a breathtaking sight.
  2. The Shimmering Canyons: These massive canyons are named for the way they shimmer due to the minerals embedded in their rocky walls.
  3. The Gemstone Grotto: This is a large cave system filled with various types of minerals and gemstones. It’s a popular location for miners and explorers.
  4. The Subterranean Springs: These underground water systems are a vital source of life on Ellyndor, sustaining the planet’s unique flora and fauna.
  5. The Luminous Labyrinth: A complex network of tunnels and caves, home to many of Ellyndor’s unique underground species. The walls are embedded with bioluminescent minerals, giving the labyrinth a soft, eerie glow.
  6. The Iron Peaks: A range of mountains known for their iron-rich rocks, giving them a distinct reddish hue.
  7. The Sapphire Sea: A large underground lake, named for its clear, sapphire-colored water, which is a result of mineral deposits in the lake bed.

Society and Culture

The people of Ellyndor, known as Ellyndorians, are as resilient as the planet they inhabit. They have rock-hard personalities and a culture based on determination, grit, and the will to persevere (“Gritara” in their language). Social status is often earned through one’s mining capabilities or racing prowess, as Ether Bike racing is not just a sport but a rite of passage and a major entertainment form.


The language of Ellyndor, called “Gritaran,” has a plethora of words and phrases related to rocks, minerals, toughness, and resilience. They even use mineral-based metaphors for emotional states, like “diamond-hearted” for someone who is brave.


Ellyndor’s technological advancements lean heavily towards excavation and drilling machinery. They have also developed specialized Ether Bikes that can maneuver with great agility through the tight twists and turns of their mining tunnels.


Ellyndor is ruled by a Mining Council made up of the heads of the most powerful mining companies. The council not only governs the mining operations but also sets the rules and regulations for the export of minerals and import of other resources from neighboring planets.


Spirituality on Ellyndor is tied to the “Stone Spirits,” mythical beings believed to reside deep within the planet’s rocky core. Many Ellyndorians wear talismans made from specific minerals as they believe it grants them protection from these spirits.

Relations with Other Civilizations

While Ellyndorians are skeptical of outsiders, they do engage in trade with other planets, especially Mytheann, from where they import technology to aid in their mining operations. However, most of their contact with other civilizations happens through the universal Ether Bikes racing league, which is one of the few times they leave their planet.

Current Challenges

Ellyndor faces a looming environmental crisis as continuous mining has started affecting the planet’s stability. There’s a growing faction within the Mining Council that argues for more sustainable practices.

Mythology and Legends

Ellyndorian mythology is replete with tales of heroes who journey deep into uncharted tunnels to discover new mineral veins or defeat monstrous subterranean creatures. One of the most famous legends is the Tale of Cix, after whom racer Cix Volaris is named, a miner who rode an Ether Bikes through a collapsing tunnel to save his crew.