Valendorians are the inhabitants of the technologically advanced planet Valendor, also known as Mechron. They live and work in a highly automated society, often alongside machines. Many Valendorians choose to augment their bodies with cybernetics, with some even opting to become cyborgs, fully integrating their consciousness into mechanical bodies.

Their society is governed by a planet-wide Artificial Intelligence, which ensures fair and productive policies for all Valendorians. This AI governance is a testament to their technological prowess and their trust in the efficiency and impartiality of machines.

Despite their technological orientation, Valendorians have a cultural history rooted in mythology. They once worshipped Mechra, the god of advancement, and while formal religion has largely faded, they still celebrate occasional festivals as a means of social connection.

Valendorians are also known for their manufacturing capabilities, which form the backbone of their economy. They produce a wide range of technological elements used by other planets, from health systems to weapons. This has led to a significant interplanetary trade, with large shipments of goods regularly leaving and arriving on Valendor.

However, Valendor faces challenges due to its lack of natural resources, having mined its core empty millennia ago. As a result, the Valendorians depend heavily on resource shipments from other planets, with Zellenite from Kaaru being one of the most important imports.

Despite these challenges, the Valendorians continue to thrive, their society a testament to the power of technology and the resilience of their people.