Technologically advanced planet. It means “Mechron” in their language.

Society and culture

The people of Valendor, called Valendorians, live and work beside the machines in a highly automated society.


In their language, Valendor means “Mechron”. This word comes from Mechra, the mechanical god of their ancestry.


Valendor’s technology is highly advanced, possessing a large amount of knowledge of robotics, cybernetics and manufacturing. Many of the planet’s inhabitants choose to get cybernetic augmentations or even ditch their original bodies completely and become cyborgs.


  • Relliah


As a highly advanced technological society, they chose to govern themselves with a planet wide Artificial Intelligence, which takes into account all the variables needed to enact fair and productive policies, benefiting all [[Valendorians]].

Relations with other civilizations

Valendor’s economy depends heavily on their manufacturing prowess and efficiency, which they lend to other planets by building many of the technology elements they use, from health systems to weapons. Given this manufacturing industry, the size of interplanetary shipments from an to the planet is huge.


While rich in manufacturing and technology, the planet is actually poor in natural resources. The core of the planet has been mined empty millennia ago. That’s why they depend on resource shipments from other planets. One of the most important resources is Zellenite, the mineral from Kaaru.

Mythology and legends

Being such a science and technology oriented society, they mostly don’t have much of religion, however, they celebrate festivals from time to time as an excuse to connect in person, being separated by long distances most of the time. They had a religion many years before, worshiping the god [[Mechra]], patron of all advancement.

Characters from this planet

  • Qaria “Quicksilver” Bolt
  • Qamamonde
  • Qelshya
  • Qundar
  • Titan Vortex