A cyborg from Valendor, friend of Qaria “Quicksilver” Bolt. He has a large frame, opting to augment his body with strong arms and legs for enhanced athletic ability.

Qamamonde is a towering figure, both literally and metaphorically. Once a victim of a devastating accident that left him on the brink of immobility, he chose to become a cyborg, replacing his damaged limbs with powerful prosthetics. His transformation turned him into a celebrated athlete in the Valendorian Gladiatorial Games, where he became known for his extraordinary strength and agility.

Beyond his athletic fame, Qamamonde is a gentle soul, recognized for his kindness and his deep bond with fellow cyborg Qaria Bolt. His advanced cybernetic senses make him an invaluable ally, and his story of overcoming adversity has inspired many in Valendor.