Daerys Lumina

He’s Luna Lumina‘s older brother, and Yanna Starstrider‘s crush. The three have known each other since they were kids. While fascinated by the Ether bike racing scene, he’s always looked at it from a distance, citing the dangers of the sport. However, he’s very supportive of her sister’s career and cheers her from the stands whenever she races.

His relationship with Yanna Starstrider could be summed up as lukewarm, since he sees her as just a friend.

Like his sister Luna, he has a striking appearance. He is tall and lean, with the same silver hair that runs in the Lumina family. His hair is usually kept short, contrasting with Luna‘s long locks. His eyes, a deep shade of blue, are reminiscent of a clear night sky, reflecting his fascination with Ether bike racing. Despite not being a racer himself, he maintains a fit physique, perhaps a result of his indirect involvement in the sport. His usual attire consists of casual, comfortable clothes, often in darker shades, which he wears when cheering on his sister from the stands.