The origin of the idea

December 11, 2023

By luissantander

I wanted to make this game for a few years, but the technology and tools are now to the point where they’ll allow me to go further. But the ideas go back to around the year 2000 when I was in high school.

I created the character Blu Zaremi for a manga I was drawing. It was awful, but it gave birth to Blu and the concept of the racing bikes. At that time, I called them “hashi”, and they looked quite different from the current versions. The planet Kaaru, and the Silver Giant where there too, in a more primitive incarnation. Blu’s friend from this game, Qual, also appeared on that manga, but it was Blu’s rival racer there.

Over the years I still created “fanart” of those characters, coming to the current versions. After playing lots and lots of Mario Kart 8 lately, using bikes, I thought the concept of the flying bikes could make a cool game, I made a bad demo in Unreal but left it there, since it would take me a lot of time. But now tools are becoming faster and more automatic, so I started developing a story and more characters, and that’s how I arrived at the current state. Now I’m publishing this development blog as a way to keep momentum going and try to finish it this time.