Going fast

December 14, 2023

By luissantander

My goal with this project is to make a game by myself, using as little resources as possible while keeping the quality high and most importantly, keeping my vision intact. I’m an artist first and foremost, so I will always have the eye for the specifics.

What am I doing for going fast? Here’s some details


I wrote the script and the lore using Obsidian. It’s a nice app where I can use the snowflake method to work from the general to the specifics.


I’m using Midjourney for jumpstarting the concept art production. I’m an illustrator myself, but with my current workflow it would take me days to draw every character from scratch. By using AI I’m moving faster in the initial stages, and then I can jump in and finish the work using my style and my specific details. I’m used to do everything myself, so I had to leave that idea behind and think of it as having a really good concept artist on staff. Most of the characters I’ve already thought out years in advance, so I’m using it as an assistant only. And forget about backgrounds, I wasn’t going to do those anyway!


I haven’t started the models yet, but I have a strategy: For characters I’ll use Character Creator 4, to again, jumpstart the process. I’ve worked on characters and it takes a lot of time. If I can avoid doing base meshes and starting my sculpts from an advanced state, I’ll do it.

For the bikes, I’m using kitbashing in Zbrush and taking advantage of the Nanite system in Unreal, so I can avoid doing a painstakingly detailed low poly model. I’ll sculpt in high detail, throw it into Substance, and export to Unreal.

Game development

Here I’m using Unreal Marketplace extensively, buying asset packs for environments that should take 80% of the tracks visuals, along with my custom modeling for the parts that really matter. I’ll be buying particle effects and other types of assets to accelerate the process too.

What do you think? I’ll probably share more details about each topic later on another post.