She is Kaela D’Sol‘s life partner. She is caring, understanding, and deeply committed to their relationship. Yeralia has a strong sense of adventure and she accompanies Kaela on her racing endeavors. She also has a nurturing and protective nature, always looking out for Kaela‘s well-being.

Physical description

Yeralia is a striking figure with an air of elegance and grace. She stands at an average height, around 170cm, with a slender yet athletic build. Her long, flowing hair cascades down in waves, reaching just below her shoulders, and is a rich shade of chestnut brown. Yeralia’s captivating eyes are a mesmerizing shade of deep emerald green, often reflecting her warmth and kindness. Her features are delicate, with high cheekbones and a soft, inviting smile that lights up her face. Yeralia’s skin has a natural, healthy glow, with a hint of sun-kissed warmth. She carries herself with confidence and poise, exuding an aura of both strength and gentleness. Yeralia’s style is a perfect blend of practicality and sophistication, often opting for comfortable yet fashionable attire that allows her to move freely during their adventures.


Yeralia was born in a small, peaceful town nestled in the heart of a lush valley. Her parents were humble farmers who instilled in her the values of hard work, respect for nature, and the importance of community. From a young age, Yeralia showed a natural affinity for animals and spent most of her time caring for the farm animals and exploring the surrounding wilderness.

When she was 16, a devastating drought hit the valley, forcing many families, including hers, to abandon their homes and farms. This experience shaped Yeralia’s perspective on life, making her resilient and adaptable. She learned to appreciate the simple things in life and developed a deep respect for the environment and its preservation.

After the drought, Yeralia and her family moved to the city. The transition was challenging, but Yeralia adapted quickly. She pursued her education in environmental science, hoping to find ways to prevent such disasters in the future. During her studies, she met Kaela, a passionate racer with a zest for life. They quickly became friends, and over time, their friendship blossomed into love.

Yeralia’s adventurous spirit led her to join Kaela in her racing endeavors, where she found a new passion. Despite the dangers, she loved the thrill and excitement of the races. Her caring nature also made her a perfect companion for Kaela, always looking out for her safety and well-being.

Today, Yeralia continues to support Kaela in her racing career while also working as an environmental consultant. She uses her knowledge and skills to help communities better prepare for and adapt to environmental changes. Despite the challenges she’s faced, Yeralia remains optimistic and hopeful, always ready for the next adventure.