Buntaku was the husband of Deymora Kael and father of Raziya. He was killed by one of the Cardinal Shadows when Raziya was still a child, over his defiance to their authority on a territory dispute.

Buntaku was a man of strong character and conviction. He was a territorial leader, responsible for the governance and protection of his people. His role required him to mediate disputes, maintain peace, and ensure the prosperity of his territory. His strong sense of justice and fairness often put him at odds with the Cardinal Shadows, a powerful and ruthless group that sought to exert their authority over his territory.

Buntaku was a loving husband to Deymora Kael and a doting father to Raziya. His family was his motivation and his strength. He was determined to provide a safe and secure environment for them, even if it meant standing up to the Bloodstone Scourge. His defiance was not born out of rebellion, but out of a deep-seated desire to protect his family and his people.

Unfortunately, his defiance led to his untimely death. Titan Vortex, one of the Cardinal Shadows, took it upon himself to silence Buntaku. He was killed in a brutal confrontation, a tragic event that left a deep impact on his young daughter, Raziya. His death served as a grim reminder of the cost of standing up to the Cardinal Shadows, but also as a symbol of resistance and courage for his people.