A world rich in history, culture, and ancient traditions. It is known for its ornate architecture, beautiful landscapes, and a society that values art, spirituality, and the pursuit of wisdom. In their language, it means “Seraphia”, as a nod to the multiple angel myths from their history.

Solarae is a mysterious jungle-covered planet known for its ancient temple ruins and a society focused on beauty and spirituality. It is a planet rich in history and ancient civilizations. The jungle is home to a variety of unique and exotic flora and fauna, some of which may have evolved to interact with the ancient ruins in interesting ways. The ancient temples are remnants of a highly advanced civilization, the Solarites, that once thrived on Solarae, their knowledge and culture lost to time, leaving behind only these architectural marvels as a testament to their existence.

The intricate carvings on the temple walls tell stories of this ancient civilization’s beliefs, their understanding of the universe, and their achievements. These carvings are also a source of intrigue for archaeologists and historians, who visit the planet to study and decipher them.

The towering statues are representations of the ancient civilization’s deities or important figures. They are made from a unique material found only on Solarae, Anarythe, adding to the planet’s mystique.

The native predators are creatures that have adapted to the jungle environment and the presence of the ruins. They have developed unique hunting techniques that utilize the traps and pitfalls of the ruins, making them a challenging adversary for the unwary.

The planet’s vegetation has a symbiotic relationship with the ruins, with certain plants growing only in the nutrient-rich soil found in the ruins. These plants have medicinal properties, making them valuable resources.

The planet Solarae also has its own legends and myths, related to the ancient civilization and their temples. These stories could be a part of the planet’s allure, drawing in adventurers and thrill-seekers eager to uncover the truth behind these tales.