Levian Clan

They are [[Graviturgy]] experts, manipulating gravitational forces to float objects, and they serve as [[Mytheann]]’s architects and builders.

The Levian Clan of [[Mytheann]] is a distinguished group within the society of [[Mytheann]], renowned for their mastery of [[Graviturgy]], which they specifically apply to the art of architecture and construction. Their expertise in manipulating gravitational forces to float objects has made them the primary architects and builders on the planet, responsible for the creation of [[Mytheann]]’s iconic floating cities and platforms.

The Levian Clan’s role in [[Mytheann]] society is not merely functional but also deeply symbolic. Their work embodies the [[Mytheanns]]’ philosophy of [[Gravitational Harmony]], as they ensure that every structure they create is in balance with the planet’s unique gravitational flux. This philosophy extends beyond the physical balance of their constructions; it is a reflection of the [[Mytheanns]]’ desire for harmony within their society and the universe at large.

The Levian Scepter, a revered artifact of the clan, symbolizes their authority and is used in ceremonial functions. It is said to be imbued with the ability to canalize the user’s gravity control with unprecedented precision, a testament to the clan’s architectural achievements and their deep understanding of [[Graviturgy]].

The Levian Clan’s architectural feats are not only practical but also artistic. Their designs often incorporate elements that reflect the natural beauty of [[Mytheann]]’s environment, such as the floating mountain ranges and the suspended forests. The clan’s work is a harmonious blend of form and function, creating spaces that are both awe-inspiring and in tune with the gravitational forces that define their world.

Members of the Levian Clan are trained from a young age in the principles of [[Graviturgy]], with a focus on architectural design and construction. They study the Graviton Codex, an ancient manuscript containing the first written records of [[Graviturgy]], which includes diagrams and theories still relevant to their work today.

The clan’s influence extends beyond architecture; they are integral to the governance of [[Mytheann]] as part of the [[Council of Elders]]. A representative of the Levian Clan sits on the council, ensuring that the principles of [[Gravitational Harmony]] guide the decisions that shape the destiny of the planet.

The Levian Clan’s contributions to [[Mytheann]]’s culture are celebrated during events such as the [[Dance of the Spheres]], where their architectural marvels provide a backdrop for the sacred ritual. Their work is a constant reminder of the [[Mytheanns]]’ connection to the cosmos and their commitment to maintaining balance in all aspects of life.

As [[Mytheanns]] explore beyond their planet, the Levian Clan faces new challenges and opportunities to apply their [[Graviturgy]] skills. Their ethical stance on using their powers to intervene in other societies is cautious, reflecting their dedication to balance and peace. However, their expertise may prove invaluable in fostering cooperation with other civilizations, as seen in their role within the [[Gravity Union]], a partnership with the planet [[Nakrozel]].

In summary, the Levian Clan is a pillar of [[Mytheann]] society, embodying the artistry, philosophy, and governance of a people deeply connected to the gravitational forces that define their existence. Their work ensures that [[Mytheann]] remains a hidden gem in the cosmos, a world where architecture and nature exist in perfect equilibrium.