Deep Mirage

One of the Cardinal Shadows. Deep Mirage possesses the unique ability to manipulate perception within a limited radius around her, creating illusions that disorient and mislead her enemies. She can generate false images, sounds, and even sensations, making her opponents question what’s real and what’s not—giving her the upper hand in chaotic situations.


With her ability to manipulate perception and create illusions, Deep Mirage has a personality that is enigmatic and deceptive. She enjoys the art of misdirection not only in battle but also in her interactions, often leaving others unsure of her true intentions. She is playful and enjoys toying with others’ perceptions, but also deeply strategic, using her skills to maintain a psychological edge over her allies and enemies alike. Her personality can be characterized by a certain whimsical unpredictability, making her both an invaluable ally and a potentially unsettling presence.

Physical appearance

Deep Mirage is an enigmatic figure with an average height and a fluid grace that makes her presence seem almost illusory. Her eyes constantly shift in color, mirroring her power over perception. Her hair is dark and seems to absorb light, enhancing her mysterious aura. She dresses in clothing that plays tricks on the eye, with shimmering fabrics that make her appear as though she’s always just out of clear sight. Her appearance is as captivating as it is deceptive, perfectly suited to her role as a master of illusions.