The race is about to begin.

Ether Racing League is an upcoming high speed, arcade style, indie racing game with hover bikes, a large cast of female racers and a story spanning a galaxy wide conspiracy. The game is targeting the PC. It’s in the preproduction stage.

Game features


The game has a diverse cast of racers, all female, of different species, including aliens, humans and robots. The characters have rich backstories, friend/rival relationships, and different points of view during the main Story Mode.

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The setting is multi planetary, galaxy wide, with a rich story, where both diplomacy and war are common. The races are very dangerous, and very popular.

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The racing vehicles are called “Ether bikes”: very fast, hovering vehicles equipped with a powerful jet engine along with fins and bike controls. They are hand built by the pilots themselves, and sometimes are made of scraps.

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Game Modes

The main game will have an arcade mode where the player races along the 10 courses with any of the 12 characters. Additionally, the planned Story Mode includes a complex storyline, where you need to compete in the Tournament with each of the 12 characters to see their side of the story.


The game is being worked on by a solo developer (for now), leveraging the latest technologies and resources to make the development faster and efficient. All of this without compromising the vision and level of detail. Thanks to the use of Unreal Engine 5, the game aims to look AAA with an millionth of the budget and a hundredth of the team size.

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